VIDEO: Would-be thief ‘faceplants’ trying to steal Trump sign

An Indiana homeowner set up a security camera to catch a thief stealing his Donald Trump yard signs — but he also captured a moment of Karma, as well.

The Indianapolis resident, who didn’t want to be identified, caught a woman trespassing and grabbing his signs on Thursday.

But it also caught her taking a spill when she didn’t realize the booby trapped sign was tied to the house.

With one sign in her right hand, she grabbed the second sign with her left hand. As she turned to run, the hidden fishing line went tight — and she went flying.

“I looked out my front door and the sign was lying about four feet over, and it was crumpled up pretty good,” “Phillip told The Indy Channel of the vandalism.

The report noted the would-be thief “faceplanted.”

“Whether it’s a Bernie or Hillary or a Trump sign, you might disagree with whatever the politics are, but it’s not yours,” Phillip says. “Leave it alone.”

Meanwhile, a Hesperia, Michigan resident has several homemade signs in support of Trump — and against Hillary Clinton.

“Trump builds,” reads one, with a Rosie the Riveter-like image of Trump.

“Hillary Kills!” says another.

Even “Hillary Wins, America Loses.”

But Pawlik says they keep getting vandalized. The signs are constantly getting pelted with eggs, and one was broken.

He tells Fox 17 they’re not just targeting the signs, but his home, vehicles and other property, too.

He’s equipped some of the signs with touch-sensitive alarms, so a piercing noise is emitted if they move. He’s added motion sensors and security cameras to catch the culprits in the act, costing hundreds of dollars.

He’s even pitched a tent in his front yard and he and his wife are taking turns sleeping in it to protect the signs.

But Pawlik is undeterred.

“Every time they damage our signs, we build a new ones,” Palik tells the news station.

“You might see more signs in the next week.”


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