Video: Trump Supporters Crashed a Socialist Party at the RNC… and All Hell Broke Loose!

In one of the weirdest events to come out of the Republican convention, Trump’s adviser and former Nixon and Reagan operative Roger Stone and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones crashed a liberal talk show – and a fight broke out!!

The “victim” was eft-wing meathead Cenk Uygur, the host of a liberal YouTube show, and he did NOT appreciate the extra guests!!

Watch what happened:


Now I think all of these people are despicable dirtbags for various different reasons, so I don’t feel particularly bad that they found each other so that they could attack irrationally. Cenk Uygur is a commie leftist jihadist apologist, Alex Jones makes a living out of lying and radicalizing dim-witted gullible losers, and Roger Stone is the political hatchet man for a dim-witted liar.

So the best thing about the video is that you can cheer against ALL of them at once!!

That ends our ride through the lowest, deepest sewer of the political world!! Go take a shower, if you know what’s good for you!!

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