Video : STUNNED CNN Confirms Incompetent State Department Destroyed Hillary’s Devices with Hammers.

The FBI has released their (heavily redacted) notes and documents surrounding the Clinton “Classified Email Investigation” and things have gone from bad to worse for Hillary Clinton.

The document dump has revealed a level of incompetence that’s beyond the scope of what many of us imagined.

First off, Hillary Claimed that she turned over all of her emails.


The FBI documents show she did not turn over over 17 THOUSAND emails.

That’s called PERJURY.

It’s also been revealed that she had such severe “head injury” issues that she suffered memory loss and confusion.


In addition, buffoon Hillary cluelessly opened malicious/phishing PORN links on the same server that was sending/receiving classified information.

Not bad enough?

It gets worse.

Hillary claims she did not know how to identify “classified markings.”

….and she can’t “remember” if she went to any “briefings” on how to handle classified information.

Haha, the ineptitude is breathtaking.

Furthermore, we’ve discovered that Hillary had some 13 (or more) devices that she used for her CLASSIFIED EMAIL-FEST – most of which can’t be accounted for.

The ones that we do know about were apparently “destroyed” with HAMMERS by idiots at the state department.

That’s right, HAMMERS.

Watch the shills at CNN react when this info is fact checked as true.

Watch the video:




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