[Video] Man Shot at White House Gate For Refusing to Drop His Gun…”I Came to Shoot People”

Jesse Olivieri, of Ashland, Pennsylvania calmly walked down the street towards a gate leading to the White House.  He refused several times to drop the .22 caliber pistol he was carrying and a Secret Service agent shot him once in the abdomen.  After he was down, he told the officers that he had come to shoot people.  Instead, he was the one who was shot.  In the video that appears later in this article, you can plainly see he makes no effort to hide the fact that he was carrying his pistol openly.

Government sources said two agents had eyes on Olivieri before he pulled out the weapon and had ‘shadowed’ him.

A Secret Service spokesman told Daily Mail Online that officers repeatedly ordered the man to drop the weapon, but were left with no choice but to shoot him after he failed to stop.

‘He was carrying a gun — it was a silver gun in clear sight,’ witness Larry Samples told NBC News.

‘[Authorities] yelled multiple times, ‘Stop! Stop! Stop!’ He kept ignoring them.’

Taylor Cates, another witness who as with her boyfriend near the gates at the time, told the network Olivieri wasn’t even trying to hide his weapon as he approached. 

‘He had no facial expression at all,’ she said. ‘He had a a gun out, just in plain sight. I mean, it wasn’t even hidden,’ Cates said. ‘He looked at me, then kept walking,’ she said

‘It was honestly terrifying.’ 

Agents recovered his gun and gave him medical attention while they were waiting for an ambulance. 

Source :dailyheadlines.net

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