VIDEO: Last Night 10,000 New Yorkers Took This MASSIVE Stand Against Barack Obama – VIDEO

Last night, New York City once again saw throngs of people in the streets protesting. However, this time they were not protesting police brutality, burning American flags or generally causing destruction.

Instead, they were protesting President Barack Obama’s recent nuclear agreement with Iran. This deal is widely loathed by the American public, many of whom see it as American simply giving Iran everything it wants and receiving nothing.

The Big Apple has a large Jewish population,whose concern for Israel probably contributed to the estimated 10,000 people at the rally demanding that Congress reject this nuclear agreement.

The rally had many speakers, both liberal and Conservative. Among the more liberal speakers was Alan Dershowitz, a staunch Democrat and Hillary Clinton supporter who also strongly supported President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign in 2012.

“It is a bad deal for Demcorats; it is a bad deal for liberals,” Dershowitz said. “I am here opposing this deal as a liberal Democrat.”

He went on to criticize Obama’s refusal to allow Congress to ratify the treaty:

“That is not the way democracy should operate. This deal is essentially a treaty. It binds the United States in a multi-national way. This treaty should be submitted to the Senate for two-thirds approval. But the president won’t do that.”

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