VIDEO: Internet Notices BIZARRE Object Fall From Hillary’s Pants During Her Collapse

For most of America, Sunday was a day of solemn remembrance. For Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign, however, it was a day of game-changing mortification.

As you’ve no doubt heard by now, Clinton practically collapsed after being led away by security during the 9/11 memorial ceremony in New York City.

Her condition was originally described as a “medical episode” followed by the revelation of a two-day-old diagnosis of pneumonia, exacerbated by dehydration and overheating.

Video showed Clinton propped up on a barrier pole, then being lifted into her van as she struggled against collapse. She was helped into the van by a veritable phalanx of her security.

That was bad enough, seeming to confirm the rather dire rumors about Clinton’s health weren’t just rumors. However, the internet was soon abuzz over what seemed to fall out of Hillary Clinton’s pant leg as she almost collapsed.

It seemed to be a bit of metal that flew out of her right pant leg just as her knees seemed to buckle, and it had the internet abuzz.

Take a look (important part begins at about :23)

So, what is it? Could it be that there was a brace of some sort holding her up at the knees that broke as she fell? Was it some sort of device installed by the Secret Service? A stray nail clipper?

I’m sure some liberal out there reading this thinks that I’m some sort of irresponsible conspiracy theorist clutching at straws. Here’s the thing, though: I am the most anti-conspiracy theory person on earth.

Whenever someone starts talking to me about the grassy knoll, the irregular shadows on the moon landing video or the melting point of steel, I don’t just roll my eyes. I become aggressively and vocally contemptuous.

When it comes to Hillary Clinton, I don’t think conjecture about her fitness to serve is in the realm of conspiracy theory anymore. There is something visibly and seriously wrong with her health. The piece of metal flinging out of her pants leg was only the latest piece of the puzzle.

And here’s another thing: Hillary’s campaign refuses to address any of this, writing off anybody who does as being on “the fringe.” If they don’t address it, and call persons like myself “the fringe” for bringing it up, then I have every right to not give her, her campaign or her doctors the benefit of the doubt.

That’s how it works, and I get the feeling Hillary Clinton’s campaign is going to be finding that out in a very big way this week.


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