Video: Hilarious Liberal Melt Down Caught on Camera

“The votes are ten votes for Donald J. Trump,” said Brad Courtney, the chairman of the Wisconsin Republican Party announcing Trump’s electoral vote total in the state. Now this was never in doubt, sure liberals had thrown a few Hail Mary’s: recounts, celebrity public service announcements, even outright threats to electors.

But no smart liberal, an oxymoron for sure, REALLY believed they had a chance to stop Trump, or so I thought.

Liberals in Wisconsin I guess watch different news programs or get their news from different sources because they actually thought they had a chance.  Why else have this epic meltdown when the Trump results are announced?

Sure we all know liberals like to hear themselves talk, but they used to at least live in the same reality we did. After watching this I’m not so sure anymore. This is funny, enjoy.

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