VIDEO: Bernie Supporter INFURIATES Lib Friends… Takes Massive Stand For Trump

A supporter of Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders set the Internet on fire this week when she published a video revealing her intention to vote for presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump over Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton.

“Yes, Trump says some crazy s***, but Clinton is more dangerous,” Cassandra Fairbanks said before listing numerous reasons why voting for Clinton would be a bad choice for America.

Among these reasons was the front-runner’s stance on war.

“I don’t believe we need to be the world’s police,” the Bernie supporter noted, adding that Trump has maintained a similar non-interventionist policy as the Vermont senator.  “Hillary Clinton on the other hand has vowed to be more hawkish than Obama, especially concerning Iran.”

As the former secretary of state, Clinton repeatedly accepted money from rogue nations such as Algeria, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, all of which hold direct ties to radical Islamic terrorism, in exchange for donations to her foundation.

Apparently, Clinton supports any and all wars, so long as they line her pockets.

In continuing her shocking rant, Fairbanks also took a stab at Democrats for focusing only on the “crazy s***” Trump has sometimes said and completely ignoring the rest of his speeches.

To hear her for yourself, watch the video below, though we must warn you that it contains some inappropriate language:

“People like reading the latest click bait article about the crazy things Donald Trump has said, but there’s actually a lot of substance in many of his speeches — actually all of his speeches,” she pointed out.


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