[VIDEO] 14-Year-Old Black Girl Delivers POWERFUL Response To Protester Justifying Cop Killings

An elderly white man surprised many attending a “Black Lives Matter” protest Friday in New York City when he seemed to suggest a way that “justice” could be administered to police officers involved in the shooting of people of color.

The unidentified man spoke briefly about the Freddie Gray killing in Baltimore before talking about Thursday’s attack on white police officers in Dallas.

After dismissing media coverage of the premeditated murder of five officers and wounding of nine others (including seven officers) as a “hullabaloo,” the man made the following statement.

“Maybe it would be better if someone went to the particular cop that did the shooting and administered justice,” the unidentified man said.

“Because, we know the courts are not gonna do that,” he added.

Watch the man’s statements broadcast on the video streaming service, Periscope.

Source : threepercenternation.com

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