Utah Governor Gary Herbert says he’ll be voting for Donald Trump

SALT LAKE CITY — Utah Governor Gary Herbert has announced he will be voting Donald Trump in the November election.

At his monthly news conference on KUED, Governor Herbert was asked by FOX 13 who he would be voting for.

“I am voting for Donald Trump,” the governor replied, citing his longtime friendship with Trump’s Vice-Presidential pick, Indiana Governor Mike Pence.

“I think he’s a great individual,” Herbert said of Pence. “I think he’ll bring some stability.”

He also said he supported Trump’s ability to select Supreme Court nominees and his stance on state’s rights.


Pressed about Trump’s recent statements and pronouncements on campaign stops, the governor said he was not an “apologist” for the GOP presidential nominee.

“Some of the things people like about Mr. Trump are his unvarnished comments,” Herbert said. “Clearly, what pops into his head and comes out of his mouth are not filtered. People find that refreshing. At the same time, that’s off-putting to others.”

The governor expressed hope that Trump would mellow over time.

“How you campaign is not necessarily how you govern,” the governor said, adding: “All the candidates say things I don’t agree with.”

The Utah Democratic Party blasted the governor for his comments.

“Unbelievable. Shameful. Appalling. Those are just some of the words that came to mind when I heard Gary Herbert confirm his plan to vote for Donald Trump in November,” Utah Democratic Party Chairman Peter Corroon said in a statement. “Governor Herbert has shown once again that he prioritizes politics and his own party over what is best for the people of Utah.”

Source: fox13now.com

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