Bald Eagles are one of the most enduring symbols of being American. They are a majestic bird of prey. They were on the List of Endangered and Threatened Wildlife until 2007, but were just removed by Obama. They have been endangered for decades, but Obama thinks it’s okay to allow their slaughter.

*** Wasn’t he satisfied with killing America already?

Obama doesn’t have any issues destroying America. Now, he wants to take down our national symbols. He has also approved the handing out of permits to wind farms that have killed off thousands of Bald Eagles. Obama is doing this in the name of “conservation.” He and his liberal friends at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife service are giving out 30-year-permits to wind farms like candy. He really hates the Bald Eagle.

*** No, really. Wait till you see how the are getting killed by the thousands.

Here is more from MRCTV:

In support of President Obama’s renewable energy plans, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service are pushing for giving 30-year permits to wind farms that would forgive them for thousands of eagle deaths expected within that frame of time.

Wind energy companies are pressing for these long-term permits, and Obama is giving them to them. The current standard permit is currently five years.

Under Obama’s sick new plan:

companies would be allowed to accidentally kill up to 4,200 bald eagles annually via their wind turbines without repercussion — nearly four times the current limit.

Eagle hitting a pylon via

If you haven’t seen a wind farm, they are full of huge buildings with giant blades the size of a passenger jet. The tips of these blades reach 170 mph and create small tornados around them.

Here is what the Obama administration had to say about the issue….

The Obama administration claims that allowing wind energy companies to kill the eagles will somehow “further conservation” of the bald and golden eagle.

The only reason that Obama is giving these renewable energy companies great contracts is that they are buddies with him. Imagine if it was proven that coal companies were the ones killing eagles. I bet you that all the liberal environmental agencies would be all over this story. (h/t politicult, MRCTV)

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