URGENT: Look At The SICK Thing Obama Plans To Do Before He Leaves Office *NEW FROM WIKILEAKS


A big part of why Trump won the election was that he ran against globalism. He pointed out how unfair trade deals, like Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), sell out American workers to benefit global corporations.

All throughout the election, Obama laughed off the idea of Trump winning. He said Trump and the American people are WRONG about TPP and implied Hillary would pass TPP. Well, Hillary lost, So Obama is going to plan B…

WikiLeaks just revealed that Obama has a secret plan to pass the TPP before he leaves office! HERE’S WHAT THEY TWEETED:


THE GLOBALISTS MUST BE STOPPED! Obama has a contingency plan with the Presidents of Canada and Mexico to pass TPP before he leaves office. He might even do it by Executive Order!! We have to spread this everywhere so we can stop him!


Via: subjectpolitics.com

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