UNCOVERED: Lib Insider Reveals MASSIVE Move Hillary Made to “Buy Off” AG Lynch

Days after sources revealed that the Justice Department did not intend to charge former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over her illegal use of a private email address to transmit classified information, a Democrat insider inadvertently revealed why.

“Democrats close to Mrs. Clinton say she may decide to retain Ms. Lynch, the nation’s first black woman to be attorney general, who took office in April 2015,” The New York Times reported Monday.

The name of the game here is quid pro quo, and it works like this: If you drop the charges against me, I will let you keep your job.

This has all been speculation up to this point, but given these rather coincidental revelations, the possible reasons why Lynch met with Clinton’s husband, former President Bill Clinton, privately last week on board a private jet at the Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, Arizona, seemed suspect.


“There was no discussion on any matter pending before the department or any matter pending with any other body,” Lynch later said about the meeting. “There was no discussion of Benghazi, no discussion of State Department emails. By way of example, I would say it was current news of the day, the Brexit decision and what it would mean.”

So Bill Clinton went out of his way to meet the attorney generalfor some small talk? Does she really expect us to believe that? Someone would have to be either delusional or intoxicated to give any credence to such a blatant lie. It seems far more likely that Clinton met with Lynch to discuss his wife’s current legal issues.

Moreover, the fact that the meeting was followed by unconfirmed revelations that the DOJ did not intend to charge Clinton and that the Democrat front-runner is considering retaining the attorney general suggests a level of corruption not seen since the days of former President Richard Nixon.
Source : conservativetribune.com

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