Two White Men Doused With Gasoline And Set On Fire By Blacks Near Baltimore. Media Censored Story (VIDEO)

Two white males were doused with gasoline and set on fire by a black male co-worker in Baltimore County. Both victims were severely injured. The media is censoring the story. There is no descriptions or pictures of anyone involved. This is probably because it was a black on white crime.

Two different witnesses, who appear to be black males, videotaped part of the attack on their cellphones and posted the videos online. One of the people filming is heard yelling “niggas want videos, we only want videos.” The witnesses do not appear to try to offer any help.

Christopher Harrison, Jr., a black male, has been charged with attempted murder and several other felonies.

Harrison and his two victims were apparently in a car together. They ran out of gas and had to walk to a gas station. The attack occurred on the way back to the car. The attempted double murder took place in White Marsh, near the city of Baltimore.

Police originally believed there were two perpetrators, but later said the second person was no longer a suspect.

Imagine if a white man set two black co-workers on fire. Do you think it would be a national news story?

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