While the Mexican govt. threatens their own companies, two German businesses are more than happy to build The Wall

As the Mexican government continues to threaten and put pressure on their own companies not to become involved in any way with building President Trump’s border wall, two German businesses stated they were more than happy to help construct the border barrier.

Citing the desire to ‘become involved’ in what may be the largest border project in millennia, the Bauer Group and the Leupold Brown Goldbach Architekten (LBGO) bureau on March 30 publicly gave notice that they are definitely interested in being a part of Trump’s border wall building scheme.

According to the Sueddeutsche Zeitung, both the Bauer Group and the Leupold Brown Goldbach Architekten (LBGO) bureau have decided to take part in the construction of the wall, with the LBGO explaining they did not join the project in order “to gain profit.”

“We just want to take part in what is going on there,” Wyly Brown, a founding member and the principal of the LBGO, said, as cited by the newspaper. – Sputnik News

The building of a wall along the U.S.-Mexican border, as well as stemming the flow of illegal immigrants, are two primary planks in Donald Trump’s agenda and promise to the American people when he was running for office.  And in addition to this was his outrageous claim that Mexico would pay for the wall one way or another, which of course has yet to be determined just how this will take place.

Perhaps the biggest irony in two German companies volunteering to help build the wall is that Germany was one of two nations which has experienced their own large scale border boundary project since the end of World War II when a wall was constructed separating East from West Berlin, and functioning as the border between Capitalist West, and Communist East.

The expected cost of the project has been estimated at between $10 and $25 billion, with the potential for thousands of jobs being created under Trump’s infrastructure initiative.  And while the wall may end up being more symbolic than practical once it finally gets constructed, the fact that many illegals already in the U.S. have been returning to Mexico out of fear of deportation means that the symbol itself may become more powerful than the brick and mortar.

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