TRUMP’S RIGHT AGAIN: New POLL Shows Americans Want Sharia Law Banned

I can’t even believe this is up for “debate.”

Sharia law is a 7th-century throwback law, which harkens back to a time when women were treated subhuman and gay people were ridiculed and executed.

The type of stuff that goes on today in so-called “moderate Muslim” countries.

Recent polling reveals that six out of ten Americans say visitors and immigrants who support Islamic sharia ideology should be excluded from the country.


The new poll is good news for Donald Trump, who has been pushing his America First agenda, including a comprehensive reform of border security and policies that will eliminate the flow of Muslim people from countries that practice Sharia Law.

The poll was conducted by OpinionSavvy on 803 registered voters via telephone, using automated questions. The margin of error is set at 3.5 percent.

The pollsters’ question focused on Islamic ideology and Americans’ attitudes towards sharia law.

Again, in so-called “moderate Muslim” countries they treat women like second-class citizens and execute gays.

The poll asked whether tourists and immigrants should be screened to check for their possible support of Islamic sharia.

Seventy percent of respondents approved of the screening.

Then the poll asked the 70 percent who approved of the screening, “Do you believe that individuals who support the practice of Sharia law should be admitted into the United States?”

Four-fifths of the 70 percent responded with No.

This means that 56 percent of total respondents back Trump’s policy of excluding sharia-supporting Muslims.

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