Trump’s Best Friend Just Said Something AMAZING About Trump’s True Identity!!

Paul White has known Trump for 14 years. She also knows something that not many people know about Trump.

She is a famous televangelist. Here’s what she says about Trump.

She then continued to tell  host Erin Burnett that Trump is “much more hungry in his heart for God than I think people would ever imagine or suspect.”

She said that her and Trump began in 2002 after Donald reached out to her after watching some of her sermons on TV.


“I got a phone call,” she continued. “He was watching Christian Television and he called up and said hey, you’re fantastic, and repeated almost verbatim three of my sermons on value, vision — and a friendship formed, and relationship, and not just with Donald and with his staff with his family, with his children and with his friends.”


She said that he might appear to be arrogant and loud in public. She says that in private Trump is an entirely different man.

“I remember one time, he said, Paula, ‘When do you turn the other cheek and when do you forgive?’” White said.

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