Trump RESPONDS to Attacks On His Supporters With THIS Viral Message to Hillary Fans

Other than Hillary’s collapse and exit from the 9/11 Memorial service today, the big story is her disparaging comments about Trump supporters at a recent fundraiser.

Trump has issued statements defending his supporters, and now he has something to say about her supporters as well, but it not nearly as nasty as Hillary’s comments…


It would be quite easy for Trump to say negative things about Hillary’s supporters, but he has tried to not alienate them in any way.

Consider the protests and violence he has seen at his events from both Bernie and Hillary supporters.

He has every right to blow them up, but he has remained respectful while they have disrupted, insulted, and assaulted his people.

Hillary, on the other hand, blatantly ripped and has ripped Donald Trump supporters at every opportunity.

Trump, in fact, has worked very hard to win over liberal voters that are skeptical of Hillary Clinton.

Hillary has done the complete opposite, virtually alienating anyone on the fence with her comments.

The one lesson I hope everyone learns from this is the divide she is creating with these types of comments is the same type of divide that is going on in this country right now.

Undecided voters need to realize this and ask themselves one honest question… Do I want a united country or a country engulfed in a civil war?

If they are honest, they will realize they need to pull the handle for Donald Trump and together, We the People will Make America Great Again!


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