Trump Put A Surprise In His New Travel Ban, Anti-Trump Judges Are Furious At Him

Unlike other presidents for as long as anyone can remember, current U.S. President Donald Trump has actually been keeping all the promises that he made to American voters while on the campaign trail.

He is repealing and replacing Obamacare, he is building the Mexican border wall, and he is keeping us safe by imposing a travel ban so that would-be radical Islamic terrorists won’t be able to get into the United States and harm us. Trump’s first travel ban was rejected in federal courts for the flimsiest of legal reasons. This time, Trump put a surprise in his new travel ban that has made these anti-Trump judges furious.

According to experts, a main reason that these anti-Trump federal judges were able to strike down Donald Trump’s first seven nations travel ban was because, to enforce the ban, the executive order relied on law enforcement officers at American airports.

Somehow, these judges ruled that having American law enforcement officers do the work on U.S. soil was somehow “unconstitutional.” However, Trump and his team of legal experts came up with a brilliant way to get around this.

In Trump’s revised terrorist nations travel ban, the job of stopping people from radical Islamic terrorist nations from coming to the United States will now be tasked to officials who work at United States embassies abroad. Since it will be done overseas, federal judges won’t be able to say that it is unconstitutional. How much do you love Trump for fooling these obstructionist judges?

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