Trump Proposes Largest Tax Cut In U.S. History. Media Refuses To Report

After eight years of Obama’s business-killing taxes and regulations, the Trump administration is ready to reverse the damage. The mainstream media is flipping out.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Trump administration released its tax strategy. Trump is going to MASSIVELY cut taxes to grow the economy, which will lead to TRILLIONS in revenue. The media is spinning this as a disaster because of the “costs.” Liars! (via CNN Money)

Dear liberals, some of us actually pay our taxes, so this is a welcome change. The Left doesn’t understand that high taxes is less money for the rest of us.

The Left would rather tax us into poverty than offer a strategy for growth, but Trump has offered an actual plan to stimulate the economy. Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist says Trump’s proposal “cuts taxes for businesses and individuals and simplifies the code so Americans can file on a postcard. Reducing taxes on all businesses down to 15% will turbocharge the economy.”

After eight years of Obama, we are ready for a tax cut. We are ready to have money in our pockets again.

The mainstream media is in full spin mode. We can expect more lies and deception from them, tonight.

Patriots, Trump’s plan is a long-term strategy, so it is important that we keep voting in those conservatives. We can’t let the liberals sneak into Congress.

Even the establishment RINOs can’t complain about this brilliant strategy. Why would they? Everyone should love a good tax cut.

The media is furious because this defeats their narrative. They tell us that Trump hasn’t done anything. Well, look at this tax strategy, liberals. This tax plan is going to grow the economy, big league. We will see new jobs, and we will have more money to spend.

The Left loves to take our hard-earned money, but with Donald Trump, we can finally start to retain the fruits of our labor.

It is time to sit back, grab some popcorn, and watch the media squirm and panic. Tonight, we will see all sorts of doom and gloom from the liberals. They will lie, cheat, accuse, spin, smear, and distract.

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