Trump Posts 2 Words and A Photo… Immediately Goes Viral

On Monday, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump gave a widely anticipated foreign policy speech in which he laid out his vision for an America that once again leads in the world, but an America that won’t get involved in situations that don’t benefit the country.

On Tuesday morning, Trump posted a photo on his Facebook page with a quote from Monday’s speech that had two words in it that completely shredded Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton: “Donors first.”

“The choice in November is a choice between a Clinton agenda that puts donors first — OR a new agenda that puts AMERICA FIRST!” read the whole post, along with a photo of Trump giving with his thumbs up.

After about two hours, the post already had over 36,000 likes and had been shared over 7,000 times.

Trump has taken Clinton to task multiple times over the multi-million dollar donations she has received from various countries and individuals. Trump, on the other hand, self-funded his primary campaign and has raised millions of dollars in small-dollar donations during the general election cycle, often by matching those donations with money out of his own pocket.

In highlighting the donations Clinton has received from foreign governments, Trump called into question whether Clinton would actually put America first in her foreign policy rather than do whatever her donors wanted.

Trump has promised that, if elected, he will only do things that will benefit America. No more nation building and no more foreign wars we cannot win. Instead, America will defeat radical Islam using all available means and keep our enemies out of our country.

After 15 years of continuous warfare, many Americans are sick and tired of being the world’s police. Trump recognizes that and has promised that American troops will no longer die in pointless wars in countries that don’t want our help in the first place.

A President Trump wouldn’t be afraid to confront any country that threatened us, because he wouldn’t befinancially compromised by that country — something Clinton already is.


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