Trump Needs to FIRE This Campaign Spokesman… This is Terrible!

Michael Cohen is a lawyer for, and associate of, Donald Trump. He’s also he is a devoted supporter, as people have noted from his appearances on cable news shows.

But he made he headlines himself after a particularly hilarious response he gave to CNN’s Brianna Kevlar – who told Cohen during an interview that Trump wasn’t doing so well in the polls.

Here’s what everyone found so hilarious:

LOL!! Wow. At first Cohen seems to be in complete control of the interview, and then utterly implodes when he tries to deny that the campaign is doing poorly in the polls.

This video was shared over and over, and the term “Michael Cohen” trended on Twitter as people laughed and joked about the insane interaction. Here’s just a sample

I don’t care who you are, that right there is funny.


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