Trump Meets Green Berets in The White House, What He Did Next Has People Crying

President Trump has met with eighteen future Green Berets, bringing them into the White House during the Qualification Course, or “Q-Course.”

First, he took them into an Oval Office and brought them in for a group picture next to him and the Resolute Desk. Trump wanted to give them another honor, so he let them each get an individual picture next to the President of the United States. (via Breitbart)

This is a fantastic memory for the future Green Berets, who have worked hard to become one of the nation’s elite special forces, to defend the American people.

Trump often does things like this “off the cuff” and it sends the uptight Washington elites into a frenzy, but they better get used to it because at times like this, Trump just does what is right, not what is “expected” of a career politician.

In this case, he did not have a script, no discussed talking points that would look good for the cameras… just an honest and appreciative moment with military members that will more than likely spend more days with their lives on the line than without in the near future.

It’s no doubt that former President Obama wouldn’t have let them into the West Wing, let alone taken the time to connect with each individual. This is one of the many differences between the two administrations. Trump’s patriotism makes the American people swell with pride.

If Obama was going to do this, he would have at least made the most of it from a media standpoint. He would have held it in a public place, and invited the press. He would have made a speech full of false words about just how much the military means to him. In other words, it would have been nothing more than a photo op.

But President Trump’s meeting with the Green Berets was not just another photo op. He doesn’t do these things for the attention of the media, he just wants to encourage and inspire Americans.

Trump made it very clear during his run for the White House the military was going to be a major focus of his presidency. You can see him beam with pride when he GIVES a salute to a member of of our military because he considers it an honor to do so.

I would expect Trump to have more meeting like this in the future, all with little fanfare. These little moments give these men and women something to talk about for the rest of their lives, and that is saying something for people that stare death in the eye every day.

President Donald Trump is not afraid to say that he supports our military, not afraid to invite our elite soldiers into the Oval Office for a meet-and-greet and let them know that their service, especially in such a prestigious Army faction, is greatly honored and admired. Thank you, President Trump!

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