Trump Manager Destroys CNN Anchor (VIDEO). Almost Makes Crooked Media Cry

CNN’s ALISYN CAMEROTA interviewed Trump’s Campaign Manager, Kellyanne Conway, Live on the New Day, CNN’s morning show.  This was a very heated interview debate style and KellyAnne was tough, tenacious and clear about how the media questions DONALD TRUMP on the most idiotic of subjects, leaving the most important issues that the American people want to hear about unanswered. All this, while Hillary Clinton lies through her teeth and gets a pass from the media. She does NOT have to answer any questions about policy, issues, etc. Hillary is exempt.

AMEROTA: And she has said now that she was suffering from pneumonia. She got the diagnosis on Friday. This is all Mr. Trump has released about his health. Four paragraphs, as you know, from his gastroenterologist who says that Mr. Trump is — his health is astonishingly excellent. It also says that all of his latest medical examinations and tests were only positive results, which of course is funny because that means something’s wrong, but that’s not what he meant. So how can this be considered transparent?

CONWAY: Wow. You can laugh all you want at the medical report, but as far as I can see, there are two major party candidates running for president and only one of them has pneumonia and lied about it, especially to the press, because she always thinks that she has — she treats you all like second class citizens, won’t have a press conference, and when she pretends to have press avail, I’m going to be uplifting and aspirational (ph), then goes on to attack tens of millions of Americans the very next day.


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