Trump manager Conway: We can win without Pennsylvania

Donald Trump’s campaign manager said Sunday that they don’t need Pennsylvania to win the White house.

“We have several different paths to victory,” GOP pollster Kellyanne Conway told ABC News’ Martha Raddatz.

Conway’s remarks came as Raddatz questioned her about Trump’s get out the vote efforts in the Keystone State.

Raddatz began, “You said Pennsylvania is part of your campaign’s path to the White House.”

“You’re still down there by an average of seven points. And in my recent visit there, lots of people were turned off by Trump’s aggressive, angry tone. Can you win this race without Pennsylvania?” the ABC host asked.

Conway responded, “We can, but we’re taking Pennsylvania very seriously. We know the last six presidential elections it has gone Democratic. … But we also know Mr. Trump’s message from the beginning has been particularly resonant among a lot of … the workers who feel like they’ve been left behind in this economy.”

Raddatz persisted, “Can you win without Pennsylvania?”

“Yes, we can. Absolutely,” Conway promised. “We have several different paths to victory.”

Hillary Clinton has campaigned recently in Pennsylvania with Vice President Biden, and she has personally canvassed parts of Philadelphia as part of a larger effort to register millions of new Democratic voters.

An estimated 3,461 Hillary for Pennsylvania volunteers have already been dispatched across the state, tasked with making thousands of phone calls and knocking on doors, according to a Clinton campaign source.

Her campaign and the Democratic National Committee have opened more than 30 offices in the Keystone State.

The Clinton campaign has also put $20 million towards broadcast, cable and satellite TV and radio ads through the fall, Advertising Agereported this week.

In contrast, the Trump campaign has allocated roughly $1 million on ads in Pennsylvania.

Republicans on the ground have complained there is confusion and dysfunction. Many state party leaders also say they haven’t heard anything from the Trump campaign.

Conway, however, promised Sunday that her team has things under control, and that they’re making a major effort to win the state.

“We’re just making investments just this week with absentee ballot outreach, with ads, in about 10, 11, 12 states. Pennsylvania is one of them,” she said.

Some political analysts are far less optimistic, and a few, including Decision Desk HQ founder Brandon Finnigan, have gone so far as to say Trump’s seeming lack of effort in the Keystone Stone likely means he just threw away the 2016 election.

“Oh, I’m certain how this turns out. There was a while there when the election could’ve gone either way, but it has just collapsed for the guy,” Finnigan, whose poll results group has carved out a spot in the world of U.S. politics with its lightning-fast election night vote results, said recently in an interview with the Washington Examiner.

“He has shown no interest in actually actively campaigning and running a campaign there,” he said.

Finnigan has preached for months that the GOP must win Pennsylvania if it wants to win the White House. And Trump’s lack of effort suggests one clear outcome for Nov. 8, he said.

“He is at a level of polling that people cannot recover from. It’s at this late of a stage. It’s pretty much impossible, considering his lack of campaign structure. It just doesn’t exist,” he said.

“The infrastructure needs to be in place before your convention if you want to have a shot of winning these large, industrial states, and it doesn’t exist at all,” he added.

Simply put, Trump cannot get to the required 270 Electoral College votes necessary to win without carrying Pennsylvania.

“In terms of realistic paths, there is no path for him except through Pennsylvania,” he said. “He’s not getting Virginia. He’s not getting Colorado.”

“So if he can’t get to Pennsylvania, as big of a struggle as that is, he isn’t getting the tougher alternates. He’s locked out,” he said.


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