We told you it was coming–now you can see the truth! RealTrueNews has acquired documents from inside one of the power-house liberal polling outfits Public Policy Polling! They have consistently shown a liberal bias by trying to embarrass conservatives with trick questions–but in addition to wearing their bias shamelessly on their sleeves they’ve also been cheating!

Now they’ve been caught! See the link to have a look at a partial document obtained from INSIDE Public Policy Polling–a poll they’d never have released in its raw form. From the document:

1. Hillary’s popularity numbers have crashed to fatal levels at 17-72 (11% undecided).


2.Trump’s approval has increased dramatically with working minorities. He is up 12 points with African Americans and 32 points with Latinos. For minorities without employment, he is still underwater but has improved by 8 points.


3. Hillary’s emails continue to be the largest source of her trust issues as well as concerns about her failing health. However, the number one factor in her decline has been exposure to her at the DNC. 72% of Democrats and 93% of Republicans find her voice “grating.” Independents are split 64-36 against her.


4. Trump is expected to win the election by 94% of Democrats—but only 34% of Republicans believe Mr. Trump most likely to win due to media messaging. Despite this, the enthusiasm for Mr. Trump is high with a record 91% of registered voters declaring themselves “likely” whereas a record low of 17% registered Democratic voters have declared themselves “likely” to vote in the next election.


5. They’re envious of rival polling houses Monmouth and Quinnipiac for reasons best left to their own words.

The document shows intentional manipulation is planned and that Trump’s numbers are rising while Hillary’s are falling hard!

We think this has something to do with the June 12th opening of 23 RNC “Victory Offices” across the Sunshine State and a noted edge in Republican voter enthusiasm. This allows Trump to strengthen his lead in this critical battleground state as he focuses strategically on other fronts including several Blue-State Clinton Strongholds.


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