Trump is Going to be ANGRY When he Finds Out His New VP Believes These 2 BIG Things

Donald Trump has finally announced his Vice President pick, and despite his penchant for publicity and spectacle, he did it in a simple little tweet:

Well OK then. Mike Pence is a well-respected and devoted Christian, conservative, and a well-mannered and polite man, so, basically the opposite of Trump – which should help him a lot!!

That is, of course, if people ignore that Mike Pence opposed Trump on two of the biggest campaign policy positions he has, as attested to by two tweets he still has up in his account:

Well, there goes the Muslim ban!! Kinda weird to have a VP calling their candidate’s policies “offensive” and “unconstitutional,” but definitely not the weirdest thing to happen in this cycle.

Then there’s this:

Dang. Again this is a YUGE plank in Trump’s anti-trade campaign platform!! And his Vice President seems to be 180 degrees opposed to what he wants! Ah well, that’s politics for ya.

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