Trump has Democrats on board for trillion dollar infrastructure project as Senate leaders offer bill to President

It appears that contrary to the media’s hype that the liberals in Washington would be fighting President Trump every single day of his four year term, the new Commander-in-Chief is quickly winning over long-standing Democrats in both public and private service.  Yesterday, leaders of many of the nation’s biggest unions praised The Donald for his cancelling TPP via an executive order, and today Senate Democrats announced they want to work with the President on his proposed trillion dollar infrastructure project.

So much so in fact that they have written up their own bill and are ready to negotiate with Trump.

Senate Democrats are set to unveil a $1 trillion infrastructure plan and offer President Donald Trump their support if he backs it, the NYT reports.

The plan includes $180 billion to rail and bus systems, $65 billion to ports, airports and waterways, $110 billion for water and sewer systems, $100  billion for energy infrastructure, and $20 billion for public and tribal lands.

Cited by the Times, Chuck Schumer said “our urban and rural communities have their own unique set of infrastructure priorities, and this proposal would provide funding to address those needed upgrades that go beyond the traditional road and bridge repair.” The Senate Democrat leader adds that “We’re asking President Trump to work with us to make it a reality”

As part of his agenda, Trump has promised to unveil an ambitious infrastructure package during the first 100 days of his presidency. “We will build new roads, and highways, and bridges, and airports, and tunnels, and railways all across our wonderful nation,” he vowed in his Inaugural Address. – Zerohedge

In a most ironic turn of events, President Trump is in the unique position of having both Republicans and Democrats trying to curry his favor since he is in reality beholden to neither party.  And Trump’s victory was the first real populist election into the White House, which means that Congress must work with him just as much as he must work with the legislators.

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After more than a decade of absolute gridlock in the Congress because of extreme partisan politics under President’s Bush and Obama, both parties are suddenly coming to the realization that they can work with the new Executive holding the White House, and that their only limitations are bound to their un-willingness to negotiate.  And as the Republicans continue to fall all over themselves with their new found power in Congress, it is the Democrats who are offering their hands to be the first to support the President in his plans to Make America Great Again.

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