Trump Gives Hillary & Obama A Big ‘F**K YOU’ In His AWESOME, PRO-AMERICA, National Security Speech – WATCH!

In what was going to be an attack on Hillary – replete with a laundry list of her failures & poor decision-making as a politician – Trump instead delivered a speech on America’s national security needs in the wake of the deadly terror attack in Orlando, Florida on Sunday.

Trump’s speech was decidedly “America first,” and being the pernicious, snake oil politicians they are, Hillary & Obama surely hated it.

While Hillary & Obama attempted to blame Sunday’s attack on the ease of obtaining firearms in our country, and coddled radical Islam by not mentioning it in their responses, Trump went after the core issue, radical jihadists being allowed to immigrate to the United States.

Watch Trump give Hillary & the left a big ‘F**K YOU‘ to their notion that “guns” are the problem, not radical Islam.

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