Trump Gives Cops More Power

It seems every liberal came out of the woodwork to protest Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions. They tried everything they could, one Senator, Elizabeth Warren even got officially sanctioned by the US Senate for her protest.

This stuff never happens when a democrat wins. Republicans let democratic presidents pick their own cabinet with little to no interference. So it was with pleasure I watched the protesters scream and whine while President Trump did something amazing for cops.

If the liberals were paying attention they would be furious. But true to their nature they fought a losing battle while Trump checkmated them.

During the tumult, Donald Trump quietly signed three executive orders that deal with “public safety.” Including one that gives more power to the police.

Trump said,

“I am directing the Department of Justice to reduce crimes and crimes of violence against law enforcement officers.”

“It’s a shame, what has been happening to our great, our truly great, law enforcement officers. That is going to stop today.”

In 2016, according to the UK Independent, 135 police officers were killed in the US, a five-year high. 64 officers were fatally shot while on the job, including 21 who were killed in an ambush-style attack.

One of the executive orders redefines and increases penalties for crimes against police in order to prevent violence against state and federal police.

About time.

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