Trump Freezes 181 BILLION in Costly Obama Regulations And It Is Only The Beginning!

President Trump is doing what he promised on the campaign trail and at a pace never before seen in D.C., his most recent move causing business owners and workers to cheer!

Trump took immediate action to freeze job-killing regulations Obama ordered just before he left office. The economic mandates would have cost American businesses and taxpayers a whopping $181 million if the president hadn’t put a stop to the fiscal insanity.

President Trump put the moves in motion to stop the Obama regulations from being enacted on inauguration day, the Washington Examiner reports. His move also reportedly saved 5.5 MILLION HOURS of paperwork!

“It is standard operating procedure for a new president to take stock of the existing regulatory landscape. What was extraordinary was that the previous administration had $181 billion in regulatory burdens, 16 billion-dollar rules, and millions of hours of new paperwork pending in the system,” said American Action Forum’s Sam Batkins.

Donald Trump also signed an executive order requiring two regulations be wiped off the books for every new regulation he implemented during his term in the Oval Office. Unlike the orders and bills created by the career politicians who once inhabited the White House, President Trump’s mandates are focused on a specific point, short, and easy to understand.

“It’s unlikely the regulatory freeze lasts for longer than a few months, but it’s a certainty that the administration will scrutinize all pending major rules and determine those that adequately protect public health and safety and those that could harm economic growth,” Batkins added.

On his first day in office, Trump Chief of Staff Reince Priebus penned a memo imposing a regulatory moratorium and sent it out to all federal agencies. Former President Obama’s own chief staffer did the exact same thing, but a flurry of new regulations governing our livelihoods and very lives were still approved in the last eight years.

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