Trump Exposes Sickening Move Hillary Made to PROTECT Child Pornographers

Last month, GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump signed a pledge promising to protect children fromsexual exploitation and, by doing so, he inadvertently exposed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Crafted by Enough Is Enough, a non-profit dedicated to making the internet safer for kids and families, the pledge seemed like a no-brainer. It simply stated that if elected president, the signer would make efforts to “prevent the sexual exploitation of children online” and prevent kids from gaining access to pornographic content.

“Any child with open internet access can view, either intentionally or accidentally, sexually exploitative material, ranging from adult pornography, prosecutable obscenity including graphic sex acts, live sex shows, orgies, excretory functions, bestiality, and violence and child pornography,” the group told The Daily Caller.

Who on Earth would not sign such a noble pledge? Hillary Rodham Clinton … that’s who.

Her campaign reportedly claimed on Monday that she never signs pledges. Yet during the 2008 presidential election, she signed a pledge to commit to the fight against HIV/AIDs.

Apparently, she only signs pledges if they claim to benefit one of her core constituencies. And since children lack the right to vote, their lives must not matter as much to her as much as they do to her opponent.

“I am encouraged by Mr. Trump’s commitment to uphold the rule of law, which is demonstrated by his signing of the pledge,” Donna Rice Hughes, founder of Enough is Enough, told the Washington Examiner. “I am confident that if elected president, Mr. Trump will follow through on the commitments.”

And I am confident that if elected president, Hillary Clinton will do absolutely nothing to stop neither the sexual exploitation of children nor the proliferation of pornographic content on the Internet.

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