Watch What Trump Does When A Marine’s Headgear Falls Off Before Boarding Marine One

After President Trump returned from the G-20 Summit, he was about to board Marine One when the wind knocked the headgear from one of the Marines standing post.

Seeing the Dress Blues cover on the ground, Trump bent down to pick it up and placed it back on the head of the Marine. Before he was able to fully put it back on, it blew off again and without hesitation, Trump went after it a second time.

An Air Force officer at the president’s side then took the headgear from him and placed it back on the Marine.

The First Family has interacted a lot with the Marines attached to Marine One since, in one of his first highly publicized outings, the President and Ivanka abruptly left the White House and boarded Marine One to greet the body of fallen Navy SEAL William “Ryan” Owens.

The President’s son, Barron, was seen taking a picture on his phone of the Marines after exiting Marine One.

Throughout both his campaign and the first several months of his presidency, Donald Trump and his family have never shown anything but respect for the military members who protect and serve them every day.


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