“Trump Derangement Syndrome”, Krauthammer Destroys Liberal Idiots’ Latest Crazy Plan

e Democrats no longer control the White House, and they are still in the minority in the U.S. Senate, the U.S. House of Representatives and most state legislatures, and have fewer governors.

All the Democrats have succeeded in doing to riling up liberal protesters into a frenzy to be a nuisance to Republican lawmakers who have better things to do than get screamed at in town halls. Fox News’ Charles Krauthammer is disgusted by what he has been seeing, and just called Democrats out for their latest crazy plan.

Said Krauthammer recently of the Democrats’ doomed attempt to block Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation by filibustering, “[I]t makes no sense. It’s totally illogical if you’re a Democrat. The fight is going to be over the next nominee. As you say, this nominee does not alter the balance of the court ideologically. The next very well could, whether it’s a Kennedy, or a Ginsburg, or a Breyer, it could be a radical change, a semi-radical if it’s a Kennedy, and that would have an effect. And you’d expect the Democrats to want to save their ammunition, but they are expending it here.”

He continued, “I think they are, in some ways, suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome, in the sense that they might not be personally deranged by his presence, but they have a base that has not recovered from the election, and they insist that anybody who represents them and does not want to face a primary fight, or have a demonstration outside their house on a weekend, is — will oppose what Trump is doing.”

Concluded Krauthammer, “This is about Trump. It isn’t about Gorsuch. And that I think, is their motive for doing it, but it makes no sense because, if this is the first partisan filibuster, it will be the last.” Do you think Democrats have Trump Derangement Syndrome?

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