Trump Delivers Powerful 4th Of July Speech, Lets Military Know He Has Their Back

It sure is great to have a president in the White House who clearly admires and respects the men and women in the military isn’t it?

Trump has already provided such a refreshing change of pace from Obama simply by the way he openly praises our country rather than constantly trying to knock it down a peg like we saw over the last 8 years.

Today, President Trump gave a speech to members of the military gathered at the White House and it made a lot of people feel very proud to be an American.

From Weasel Zippers via Washington Examiner:

President Trump told members of the U.S. military gathered at the White House for the Fourth of July Tuesday that he “will always have your back,” as he boasted that the country is doing “really, really well.”

The president addressed individual members of each of the service branches who had gathered outside in early evening for his first Independence Day address before the annual fireworks celebration on the National Mall.

“Each of you here today represents that rare combination of patriotism, virtue and courage that our citizens have always, and I mean always, admired and that our enemies have always feared,” Trump said. “I pledge my unwavering support for you, your families and your missions. I will always have your back.”

Gotta love it.

Here’s the video of the full speech.

The military has a friend in President Trump and we have already seen plenty of evidence that they appreciate the love.

Where has Obama been up to the last few days?


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