Trump Brought Down House Last Night, Then Walked Outside & Got Surprise Of A Lifetime!

The media is full of the biggest fools in the world – everyone except Liberty Writers News of course 😉

Last night, Trump held one of the biggest rallies yet in Kissimmee, Florida. Thsi is the same town that Hillary held a rally in and invited the father of the Orlando terrorist.

She only got like 20 people to show up. Trump sold out the Silver Spurs Arena. That arena can fit 8,000 people. And there was overflow. And everyone there was excited actually to see him.

Check this out.


Trump is getting far more support than Hillary. She has to fake her support because she is the devil.
Look what happened.

Police from all around Kissimmee heard that Donald Trump was coming and escorted him back to his plane.
The only way you would ever see that many officers around Hillary would be when the arrest her.

Don’t believe the polls. Don’t let any of your friends believe the polls. Share this article with every Trump voter you know. Share it on your Facebook page. We back Trump. We don’t believe the lying media. Trump is going to win. (h/t Politicalcult)


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