TRUMP ATTACKS! Judge Who Blocked Trump’s Travel Ban Just Got A BRUTAL Awakening!

When they blocked his first Travel ban, Donald Trump TRIED to work with the Liberals. He revised the whole thing to fit their exact specifications. What do they do to thank him? THEY BLOCKED HIM AGAIN!

Now the judge who blocked the second ban, Hawaii judge Derrick Watson, just got a BRUTAL awakening straight from the White House.



This is not just some threat on Twitter, either. The DOJ has officially filed a formal appeal of the ruling that could take them all the way up to the Supreme Court.

If they wanna play this way, fine. Donald Trump has been to court so many times it would make your head spin. Oh, and he ALWAYS WINS!

This BS needs to stop right now! It is a temporary travel ban on just a handful of nations that ISIS has captured. A huge majority of Muslim nations aren’t even on the list! If Obama had tried to pass it, Republicans would have GLADLY approved.

We need to keep our country SAFE from terrorism. Let’s get this message out everywhere and let them know America wants Trump’s ban!

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