Trey Gowdy Just Took Out The Traitors Who Are Trying To Bring Trump Down

Recently, liberals persuaded Republican members of the House and the Senate to hold “town hall” meetings with them so that they could express their anger that Donald Trump is in the White House.

Now, it seems that many Republican congressmen and senators are actually caving to liberal pressure. Congressman Darrell Issa from California is one of those Republicans. This past weekend, he argued that there should be a special prosecutor to investigate Donald Trump for his rumored ties to Russia.

Trey Gowdy did not take that comment lightly.

“There is no special prosecutor statute,” Gowdy argued. “There is no independent counsel statute. There’s a regulation that allows for the appointment of special counsel if the Department of Justice has a conflict and if all 92 U.S. attorneys have a conflict. Until that evidentiary burden has been satisfied, I don’t know why Republicans or Democrats are talking about special counsel.”

“It’s too early,” Gowdy continued. “Special counsel only applies to a criminal investigation.”

Gowdy also criticized Democrats for making themselves vulnerable to Russia’s attacks, arguing that John Podesta “picked a password that the guy from ‘Slingblade’ could have figured out.”

Do you agree with him?

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