Trey Gowdy Just Took His Final Stand Against Hillary, Exposed The “Secret Aides” Hiding Her Crimes

True American hero Trey Gowdy, Republican Congressman from South Carolina, refuses to let Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton get away with her homicidal crimes in Benghazi or her many financial crimes with her corrupt and fraudulent charity the Clinton Foundation, which has been exposed as a pay-to-play scheme.

Gowdy recently put all his chips on the table and called out Obama’s Department of Justice for granting immunity for the secret aide who helped Clinton commit crimes through her emails as Secretary of State. Explained Gowdy harshly in a formal hearing, “This is prosecutor 101. You don’t give immunity to the person who actually robbed the bank. You may want to give it to the getaway driver, you may want to give it to the person who helped them count the money afterwards, but you don’t give immunity to the person who walked in and robbed the bank.”

Gowdy laid into Obama’s team further, saying, “They blew it. They gave immunity to the trigger man. You better be right on who the trigger person is. You better be right on who the culprit person is if you’re going to give transactional immunity. And if that’s what they did, then they immunized the one person that you would most want to prosecute for the destruction of government records. It is frankly stunning.” How awesome is Gowdy for standing up for what’s right? Watch the video below:


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