Trey Gowdy Drops Blistering Truth After Hearing About Obama Wiretapping Trump

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) has weighed in on the Obama surveillance and Russia probe.

He makes the very clear distinction between the reponsibilities of the Congress versus the media who puts out all kinds of information from anonymous sources.

From Daily Caller:

“I think Congress is much better equipped to do investigations than journalists are,” the South Carolina Republican told host bill Hemmer. “We can’t rely on anonymous sources. We can’t rely on leaked information, classified information which in and of itself is a crime.”

“So with all due respect, to the reporters, I can’t cross-examine anonymous sources. You can’t even directly examine them. It’s a lot easier to write a news piece than it is to conduct an investigation.”

Gowdy makes the point that while the Congress investigates, it is not doing a criminal investigation.

That said, if they find out information, they can certainly make a recommendation to the FBI and the DOJ then to follow-up with a criminal prosecution.

Gowdy said he had not seen any evidence of surveillance on Trump Tower yet. But the House intelligence committee will now be looking at the question, so they may find out more.

Gowdy also noted he had seen no evidence of any collusion between the Trump team and Russia.

Gowdy is the guy you want on an investigation like this.

If it’s there to be found, he’s going to cut through everything to find it.

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