Top General Warns America

In 2014, President Barack Obama claimed that the war in Afghanistan was over, and called for an end to all United States and NATO combat operations. Now, we’re seeing the same behavior as it pertains to the Islamic State Group, who he has claimed in “contained.”

We don’t know why the president feels compelled to deceive the American public, but we do know that leaders throughout the country are tired of his lies. Now, a top U.S. commander in Afghanistan is coming forward to call Obama on his bluff.

Gen. John Campbell, the commander of all U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan, claims that the Islamic State group has been growing rapidly and continues to express a desire to strike against the U.S.

“They don’t have the capability right now to attack Europe, or attack the homeland, the United States, but that’s what they want to do, they’ve said that’s what they want to do,” Campbell told the Associated Press in an interview.

The Islamic State group affiliate goes by the name Islamic State-Khorasan Province. A new report out of the Pentagon claims that IS-KP “has progressed from its initial exploratory phase to a point where they are openly fighting the Taliban for the establishment of a safe haven, and are becoming more operationally active.”

Campbell’s warning was also echoed by the chairman of the Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare, who just returned from a trip to the region.

“It’s definitely growing,” Rep. Robert Pittenger told reporters. “It started out as a small colony, down in the southeastern border, but they’re definitely growing in the region. Their presence poses a threat to the United States. They’re clearly focused on attacking U.S. interests. It’s a very conflicted and very challenging situation.”

“I think if we left, it would all collapse,” Pittenger continued. “No different than what happened in Iraq.”


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