Tim Kaine Just Got FACT CHECKED By ABC News – Look What They Found

The vice presidential debate between Tim Kaine and Mike Pence was truly something to behold simply because one of these gentlemen could end up becoming president in the future. Hopefully it’s Mike Pence should the situation require it, but before I digress too much, the media just “fact-checked” some of Tim Kaine’s statements, and here is what they found:

Kaine told a few “whoppers” during the debate, per ABCNews.com. Naturally, a politician’s main goal is to get elected, so some fudging of the truth is to be expected, but on some of these, Kaine leaned way over on his skis.

One of Kaine’s biggest claims was sort of the hallmark of the entire debate, and he claimed Hillary eliminated the Iranian nuclear weapons program “without firing a shot.” However, that was proven to be completely false.

In reality, the nuclear agreement reached between six world powers and Iran is much more complicated. It does not completely eliminate the Iranian nuclear program. Instead, its major achievement was getting Iran to reduce its stockpile of nuclear material and cease enrichment.

All it did was “extend the time” it would take for Iran to build a bomb, but Kaine is lying if he would have you believe it was eliminated.

Interestingly enough, Tim Kaine also claimed during this debate that he was a strong supporter of the Second Amendment.

The short answer to his statement during the debate is yes and no. When Kaine was a city councilman and mayor of Richmond, VA in the 90’s, Kaine was very vocal on the issue of gun violence.

Although Kaine depicted himself as an outdoorsman during his run for lieutenant governor and then governor, he changed his tune after the Virginia Tech shooting.

Kaine wanted the state legislature to pass tighter background checks and was unsuccessful, but he was successful in tightening laws against the mentally ill gaining possession of guns. As a senator, Kaine has carried an “F” rating from the NRA.

Kaine was also asked another question about Clinton’s nuclear deals, and he again did not tell the full truth. This time the question regarded Russia, and Kaine claimed to the crowd that Clinton was able to reduce the nuclear weapons stockpile of that country. Kaine was referring to the 2011 New START agreement, which Clinton helped negotiate as secretary of state, but all this did was place tighter limits on deployed strategic weapons and did not require Russia to destroy anything already in its stockpile.

In a nutshell, Mike Pence demonstrated he would make a solid member of the Trump administration. Kaine, on the other hand, only demonstrated he would be yet another in a long line of “yes men” to have worked with the Clintons.

Via: angrypatriotmovement.com

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