This Veteran Had The Best Response To Obama Feeling Insulted By Black Trump Voters [VIDEO]

A.D. Bell, a United States Army veteran, ripped President Obama in a video posted to his YouTube channel on Sunday.

Bell heavily criticized Obama for telling attendees at a rally in Chicago that he views the black community not voting — or voting for someone other than Hillary Clinton — as a “personal insult.”


“There’s a lot of things going on,” Bell said at the video’s beginning. “As you may also see, I’m wearing my ‘Make America Great Again’ hat which I don’t usually wear. I keep it in my home so when people walk into my home, it’s one of the first things they usually see.”

“It’s football season, Seahawks,” Bell added while pointing to the Seattle jersey he was wearing. “These two things tell a story.”

“Chicago is my home, so I was a Bears fan … but I no live there any longer, so I don’t really care about the teams, but I do care about the people.”
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