This MAJOR GOP Donor Endorsed Hillary – And Rush Has an EPIC Response!

Meg Whitman – the talented businesswoman who famously ran for governor of California in 2010 and spent $144 million of her own money, is not a big name in politics anymore as a politician.

But she’s still a big league fundraiser for the Republican Party, which is why Rush Limbaugh is calling her a “traitor” after she switched sides and announced her support for Hillary Clinton over Trump!!

Listen to Rush below:


It really sounds like Rush is overdoing it with the rhetoric, especially when even he admits that Trump is no conservative. While Rush has no problem carrying Trump’s water, there are a lot of people who think he’s just too far left on certain issues to support, in addition to the character problems which seem to be tanking his campaign.

In fact, the polling have collapsed so low and the scandals have risen so high, that some are even looking into options to replace Trump altogether!!

On the other hand, there are reports that Trump’s campaign manager Paul Manafort is assembling his friends for an “intervention” this weekend to beg him to change his course and tone and go back to hitting Hillary!! But will he listen?

Here are some of the other Republicans who have pulled their endorsement from The Donald:

Wow. Things are about to get even crazier in TrumpWorld!! And we’ll report it all at The Political Insider!!


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