This is TREASON. Donald Trump Exposes What OBAMA Told Russia.

Ever since Donald Trump entered the political arena, President Obama and the rest of the liberals have senselessly attacked him for alleged ties to Russia.

But, as our president personally pointed out today, Obama is actually the one with question marks next to his name when it comes to Russia. In 2012, Obama whispered to the then-Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, stating, “This is my last election… After my election, I will have more flexibility.” 

President Medvedev replied that he understood and that he would tell Vladimir Putin what Obama said. Fortunately, our eyes and ears are everywhere. (via Daily Caller)

This conversation between the two leaders took place at the Seoul Nuclear Security Summit located in South Korea and was caught by a hot mic and a live camera.

Whispering something to someone, and then looking around and fidgeting afterward is the definition of suspicious behavior. This is not something our President should have been doing, and the American people now question what promises Obama made to the Russians — and what promises he had to us knowing full well he wasn’t going to keep them.

It’s ironic to think that this Obama, who was essentially saying he’d break his word to We the People in favor of Russia, is the same Obama who is now pointing to Trump and pretending he has some kind of demonic Russian connection.

Obama has had his share of other cozy meetings with foreign leaders, including his relationship with Iran. Obama gave them a horrible deal, lots of equipment, and billions of dollars, even though the country sponsors terrorism!

Obama also had ties with China, Cuba, Egypt, Libya, and Syria — all questionable countries. Donald Trump has already been tougher on these nations than Obama was. He’s also been more vocally in support of our allies, like Israel, than Obama ever was.

Putin likely did prefer Trump to be the President over Hillary Clinton, simply because it seemed like Clinton wanted to go to war with him, whereas Trump wants to team up to fight ISIS. If I were Putin, I would rather work with a representative who wants to tackle our common enemy too. That doesn’t mean the two plotted together!

Trump was open about his goals during the election cycle, and was not afraid to put America and its people first and foremost. While Trump wants us to have allies, he is also not one to allow for disrespect. He will always put what is best for this country above all else.

We elected President Donald J. Trump because of the promises he made to the American people — promises that he is already fulfilling and keeping. When Obama was running for election, he clearly already knew he would break his promises.

Thankfully, Obama’s reign of terror is over and his henchwoman, Hillary Clinton, was defeated. The American people knew in their gut that Donald Trump was supposed to be our president, and we continue to fight for him. Lets make America great again!


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