This Is The Most Memorable Moment Of The Debate, Mike Pence’s Attack On Kaine Is Going Viral

The internet seems to find the most bizarre moments and make them go viral. Throughout the whole night Tim Kaine told lie after lie, including “Trump said ALL Mexicans are rapists”, “Trump said he wants to punish women who get abortions” “Trump said he loves Vladimir Putin”. Finally Mike Pence struck back.

“Senator you whipped out that Mexican thing again,” said Mike Pence to Tim Kaine in reference to his lying. It has turned into the most talked about and tweeted line of the whole night. Maybe it shouldn’t have been, as there were some more substantial parts but it’s important for a few reasons.

Hillary supporters took that line and made redirect to Hillary’s website. This is their weak attempt at a comeback to when Trump into an anti-Hillary website. For Democrats, they will take these words out of context to somehow say that Mike Pence is racist, Republicans on the other hand, know this as the time where Pence stood up against Kaine for purposefully lying about Trump over and over again. Check out the video below.


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