As Three Fallen Soldiers Returned Home, They Had a High-Profile Guest to Witness Their Return

The incomparable rights, freedoms, and lifestyle we enjoy in the USA are only possible because of the sacrifices made every day by the brave men and women in the Armed Forces. A fallen warrior is a loss to each one of us as though they were a member of our own family.

Over the weekend, three U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan fell to a cowardly insider attack. When they were brought home, Vice President Mike Pence was on the scene, receiving them solemnly with his hand over his heart (via IJR).

The three soldiers brought home in caskets were Sgt. Eric Houck, Sgt. William Bays, and Cpl. Dillon Baldridge (via Army Times). The Taliban claims to have organized the attack, having sent one of their jihadists to infiltrate the Afghani army in order to take American soldiers by surprise.

The fallen heroes were honored upon their arrival. Baldridge and Bays, infantrymen in the 101st Airborne Division, were posthumously awarded the Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Combat Infantry Badge, and Army Commendation Medal with one oak leaf cluster.

Houck, a forward observer, was given a Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Combat Action Badge, and Army Commendation Medal with a second oak leaf cluster. These men exemplify patriotism in a way few people will ever understand.

Mike Pence, who was traveling to Wisconsin, arrived at Dover to greet the soldiers as they were flown in. As they were transferred, he stood by reverently, hand over his heart, paying respects to the men who served their country with their all.

This is the second insider attack this year. The Taliban is making a habit of sending their men to infiltrate the army of Afghanistan so they can get close to our servicemen and do them harm. They are SICK! They’re vicious animals who have no regard for human life.

There are currently around 8,000 American military personnel currently in Afghanistan. They’re engaged in battle against ISIS and Al-Qaeda. Our troops also train the Afghani security forces. Unfortunately, this puts them at risk of being targeted by infiltrators.

What’s unfortunate is that we have a huge element in our country that has no respect for our military. First, there are liberals who look condescendingly upon anyone who wears the uniform. They mock our troops from behind the safety of a keyboard, forgetting that they’re only free to do so because of the men and women who face mortal danger on the front line.

Then there are the neocons — politicians like John McCain. These creeps have never seen a war they don’t like. They don’t care about the individual worth of our soldiers, marines, sailors, or airmen. All they see are pawns to be used in their quest for power. For these neocon politicians, it’s not about defending our country; it’s about appeasing their masters in the military-industrial complex.

These warmongers also have to go. They ask young men and women to needlessly sacrifice their lives in unnecessary wars, but they’ll fight to the death against common sense national security measures at home, like building a wall and doing smart immigration vetting.

There’s only one solution for dealing with these scoundrels: expose them and keep them away from power! They’re supported by big money, but it’s our duty to clean the swamp. Our warriors gave their all for us. Now it’s our turn to show them they haven’t died in vain.

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