The UN Is Freaking Out As Trump Gets Ready To Destroy Them FOR GOOD

Say what you’d like about President Trump, but you cannot fault him for moving quickly on his campaign promises. We, however, will speak highly of him as his ideals are exactly what this country needs. Apart from the border wall, Trump made tons of campaign promises.

Most candidates that do get the honor of becoming the President of the United States, take months and months to push anything through as they play political hardball.

Trump is wasting ZERO time in making his presence known. What he just did to the UN, another of his many excellent campaign promises, will have everyone on the left squirming. We love this!

Donald Trump is preparing executive orders that would dramatically reduce US funding of the United Nations, as well as other international organisations that do not meet certain criteria.

The executive order plans to repeal certain multilateral treaties too, officials told the New York Times, which would likely include treaties on climate change.

The first order, called “Auditing and Reducing US Funding of International Organisations”, will take away funding for any United Nations agency or international body that meets criteria, including: organisations that give full membership to the Palestinian Authority or Palestine Liberation Organisation; support abortion and any group that circumvents sanctions on Iran or North Korea.

Funding will be taken away from any organisation that is “controlled or substantially influenced by any state that sponsors terrorism” or is behind the persecution of marginalised groups or systematic violation of human rights.

I’m sure the left will see this as isolationist and backwards, but think, liberals, for just a second about this.

Essentially this is a shot to the UN who actively enable terrorist and crackpot nations like those in the Middle East. This is a massive step in the right direction to help stop our money from going overseas and to help stop radical Islamic, and all other forms of terror.

Source: The Independent

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