Texas Cowboy Has ENOUGH, Humiliates Nancy Pelosi On National TV – VIDEO

Lax liberal Nancy Pelosi has already proven her incompetence numerous times when it comes to border security. It’s about time someone let her have it!

Veterinarian Dr. Mike Vickers, a ranch owner in Texas, informed Pelosi during a town hall meeting that he had discovered his ranch dogs playing with a woman’s remains, namely her skull, on his property. After describing a few other atrocities, he asked, “Will you and your Democrat party support President Trump in building a wall or a fence, shutting down sanctuary cities, and giving more power to the border patrol?” Her answer was nearly as dumb as the look she had on her face when asked the question.

Pelosi looked dumbfounded and utterly defeated in the face of Dr. Vickers’ question. It became clear to everyone in the room, and everyone in America, that she has no idea what she’s doing — ever.

Dr. Vickers is far from the only American citizen living along our border who is used to finding human remains on his grounds, but the Democrats continue to shove their fingers in their ears whenever the issue is brought up.

During his terrible stint in the White House, Barack Obama closed down a program that was helping to catch illegal immigrants at our border. Just one of his many fool-hearty decisions.

Nancy Pelosi immediately tried to pull the questioning away from securing our borders, trying to get the town hall meeting to focus on other, more liberal issues instead.

However, Dr. Vickers’ serious face was hard for anyone in the room to ignore. The Democrats might be able to dismiss border security issues when President Trump addresses them, but it’s much more difficult to ignore the pleas of an average citizen.

“A lot of women leave the groups to avoid sexual assault,” Dr. Vickers mentioned, going on to say that his own wife had found a “rape tree” mere yards from their home. The situation isn’t just dangerous for Americans but for the illegal immigrants as well — how could the liberals deny that?

The best solution is to secure our borders and ensure that our neighbors to the south immigrate here the LEGAL way. It would be best for everyone involved on both sides of the upcoming wall.

As for Nancy Peolosi, we can’t wait until she’s fired from her job and we no longer have to hear her nonsense anymore. She’s unqualified and is making her entire party, and the rest of America, look bad to outsiders. She needs to go.

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