Ted Cruz UNDER ATTACK by Obama’s Shadow Government. Show Your Support.

The cost of running in an election is enormous. Most who run need to take out loans, except, of course, President Trump.

But it should be no surprise to hear that a politician took out a loan for their campaign, right? Not to the Democrats, apparently, as they are attacking Ted Cruz for taking out an election loan. (via Dennis Michael Lynch).

They argue that Cruz failed to disclose this loan to voters during his run for Senate in 2012 But, this is just making a mountain out of a molehill.

Ted Cruz doesn’t do his own taxes. He’s far too busy, and he makes enough to need an accountant to oversee it. Clearly, the accountant made a simple paperwork error.

The loan wasn’t large, considering that Ted Cruz also supplied his campaign with $336,000 of his own money.

Cruz liquidated his assets, to sell much of it for the campaign. The Federal Election Commission later audited his sale, and realized that he hadn’t sold enough to cover his whole campaign. They concluded he must have taken out a loan, but didn’t disclose it.

That was surely a surprise to Cruz, but its not even enough of a deal to fire an accountant over. Mistakes happen, it’s not a big deal.

Besides, why on earth do the Democrats, and their water carriers in the mainstream media, care about what happened during the Texas senate run?

I don’t believe for a second that they are actually concerned Republican voters missed out on some important information that may have changed their vote. Neither do the Democrats care about the integrity of any election, judging by the way they run their primaries. So, we have to conclude that all of those deep state operatives in Obama’s shadow government are simply trying to take Ted Cruz down.

Cruz supports Trump and is ready to work with him to make America great again. The two got off to a rough start, but now that they are working together they can accomplish a lot for We the People.

That is exactly why the shadow government has made Cruz their next target. Their goal is to get Cruz or Trump is disavow each other. This could potentially splinter conservatives.

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